AiroTrust Filter Testing

Test 1 Particle Reduction:

Below shows the testing results for each of the filters we offer. 

  • Tests were done using a TSI AeroTrak Particle Counter
  • Tests were done with AiroTrust Building Mask mounted to a supply vent in an average office building
  • Tests show average drop in particles in only a single pass
  • We cannot guarantee that your results will be the same as we found in our testing. But it should serve as a good example of the reduction in particles you may see in your application.

Follow this link to find a pdf of our testing:

AiroTrust Filter Testing

Test 2 Airflow Test:

In this test, we compare CFM's at each supply vent before and after installing AiroTrust units.

  • Test was done on-site at our own office
  • Test shows impact of installing AiroTrust units using the different filters we offer.
  • The result of the testing shows that installing AiroTrust units onto all supply vents has very minor impact on the system. 

Follow this link to see PDF of our testing results:

AiroTrust Airflow Test