About Us


AIROTRUST LLC is a division of Storch Products Company, Inc., a magnet company located in Livonia, Michigan. At Storch, we have been selling magnets for over 60 years! Beyond magnets, we have developed and manufacture a range of material handling and separation product lines, most notably our magnetic slide conveyors and SUPERMAG industrial magnetic sweepers.

Our AIROTRUST division was started in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic where we saw a need for a new product in the air filtration space. Our flagship product, AIROTRUST Building Mask, is the first of its kind, bringing simplicity and convenience to the air filtration market. At AIROTRUST, we use our expertise in magnets and manufacturing together with our industry leading air filter partners, to bring air filtration solutions that magnetically attach directly to 2 x 2 ceiling tile frames to cover both supply vents as well as cold air return vents. 

We are committed to providing our customers with simple and straightforward air filtration solutions and will continue to release more products to fill this space in the future.