AIROTRUST 2x2 Building Mask Package with Pamlico Prime 8HC Filter

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Package Contents:

  • 1 AIROTRUST 2x2 Filter Mount
  • 1 Pamlico-Air Prime8 High Capacity Filter
    • Choose 2" for obstructions below the ceiling
    • Choose 4" for no obstruction
  • 1 AIROTRUST Window Sticker per order

 See filter's product page for specific information about this filter

AIROTRUST is like a mask for your building! This device is extremely simple and allows you to mount a 24" x 24" MERV air filter directly on to your cold air returns or supply vents using the grid for your ceiling tiles. The unit is fitted with 8 High Energy Rare Earth Magnets from Storch Magnetics to ensure a strong mount.

  • Easily attaches directly to the ceiling tile grid just like a refrigerator magnet.
  • Gives employees and customers peace of mind knowing that the air is clean and safe.
  • Visible filters indicate when they need to be replaced.
  • We offer a range of filter options that will work great for a variety of applications.


  • Material: High Density Polystyrene (HIPS)
  • Product Dimensions: 25" x 25" x 4 1/4"
  • Product Weight: 2lbs