Camfill AP-Thirteen - 24x24x2 Air Filter

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  • Non intrusive 2" profile to avoid obstruction. 
  • MERV 13 performance in a 2" depth to meet LEED requirements.
  • Radial pleats with welded wire backing for higher dust holding capacity and longer life.

 The Camfil AP-Thirteen extended surface pleated filter offers filtration for applications that have 2˝ deep filter tracks. The AP-Thirteen is a MERV 13 filter when evaluated per ASHRAE Standard 52.2 and meets the requirements for minimum filtration efficiency, as published in LEED manuals for new or existing buildings. The AP-Thirteen may reduce the size of the HVAC system, saving valuable mechanical area floor space. It also simplifies the upgrading of in-place systems, allowing existing units to meet LEED requirements without major equipment modification.

Frame: High wet strength beverage board

Media: Synthetic

Recommended Final Pressure Drop: 2x Initial Pressure Drop

Ratings: UL Class 900

 Actual Dimensions: 23 3/8" x 23 3/8" x 1 3/4"